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The Discovery of Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia | Buy Now

Edited by Marie Wells

ISBN-13: 9781870041690

191 pages     RRP £35.44    paperback    2008    Series A No. 31

This volume brings together a range of articles about travel to and within Scandinavia in the nineteenth century. They include a study of the way in which accounts of intrepid travellers, who faced all manner of hardships with regard to transport and accommodation in the region, were gradually replaced in the course of the century by guidebooks for tourists. One article explores how it was that foreign interest in Iceland helped to develop the Icelanders’ pride in the natural features of their own country. An account of Sabine Baring-Gould’s fascination for the culture of Iceland sits alongside an account of the difficult lot of the ordinary Icelander at the time.

One article compares the very different reactions to Norway of two travellers who lived seventy years apart, while another traces the role played by Norwegian parsonages in providing board and lodging for well-to-do travellers. Marmier’s account of the French Expedition du Nord’s voyage to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) and northern Norway is the subject of a further article. Three articles consider Hans Christian Andersen’s considerable body of work as a travel-writer.

Taken as a whole this volume illustrates how travel-writing has a become a genre which may be approached from a variety of theoretical angles, most obviously those of literary, cultural and post-colonial theory, but also of translation theory, for instance.

Marie Wells was W. P. Ker Lecturer in Norwegian at University College London until her recent retirement.

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The Discovery of Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia

The Discovery of Nineteenth-Century Scandinavia

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